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Dating in Romania: dating apps & popular date ideas

Dating can be difficult no matter the country, but if you’re planning to find love in Romania, chances are you will bump into date ideas or formalities that might be new to you. Luckily, we’re here with a few tips and tricks that can’t go wrong while you’re on a first date with a Romanian.

Dating apps you should try

Entrigd app, the Dating app founded in Romania exclusively available for users in Romania, expats welcomed!

As you’re looking for someone new to meet and chat with, we recommend trying out Entrigd, a local dating app that only accepts real and verified accounts. It’s true, you’ll have to provide more details than required on other apps, but these are only meant to build an idea around what type of people you’d be happy with. The clever app will give you fast access to the right connections for you and offer the possibility to get together with like-minded people, looking for the same things.

Entrigd is available only in Romania and is used mainly by locals looking for the real deal. You should try it one and get a taste of the Romanian type of dates. Download the app here and meet your match.

Popular date ideas

Depending on the city you’re visiting or the area you want to see, there are so many things to do as a newbie in Romania, but also as a fella looking for an exciting date. Here are a few ideas you could try if you’re in:


Cluj Napoca parks are always packed with action and concerts and festivals are held here in the summer time

  • Take a moment to enjoy the view - hike all the way up to Cetatuia

This is the best place in Cluj-Napoca if you want to see the sunset and take in the lovely view of a marvelous city. Impress your date and go for a walk here - we promise the climb is worth it.

  • Buy them with a coffee?

If you’re the chill type and prefer a date where you can sit back and relax, have a thoughtful conversation and just get to know the person in front of you - we’re recommending going to local cafes such as Meron or Narcoffee.

  • Explore the haunted forest

This is the type of date not recommended for the faint of heart -  but maybe for someone like you? The Hoia Baciu Forest is a legendary place, considered haunted for many years. This is an iconic spot in Cluj, so if you’re feeling adventurous, choose this as a first date, but try not to look so scared :)


Oradea streets are always surprising and full of coffee places and other surprises, just take the leap of faith and get lost in this city full of historic buildings

  • Food tasting tours and exciting city tours

Oradea seems to grow and develop very fast, which is why we’re so excited to speak about this city - but trust us, you’re the lucky one as you get to also experience them. The city center is the best place to try out traditional foods, see the tourist attractions but also take a good pic for your Instagram account. Therefore, if you’re there with a date - we envy you.

  • A date for the spiritual fellas

If you want to get that spiritual feeling or simply explore the famous churches in Romania - Moon Church should be on your list. This church was built in 1793 which means one thing: amazing history, stories to tell and see.

  • See a play with your date

‘Teatrul de Stat’ is the famous theatre in Oradea, built-in 1990 and going strong ever since. If you’re around and have the time to see a play with your date, we strongly encourage you to tick this activity off your list.


Go out for a drink in the Old City Center and experience one of the most sophisticated bars in this part of Europe

  • Nothing beats Bucharest's ‘Centrul Vechi’

This is the place to go on a first date, either if you want to grab a coffee with your match or wine  & dine them. Centrul Vechi is the place to be, not only for its history and architecture but also for the type of life you see here. Everyone is here and you shouldn’t miss out!

  • This one is for the artsy fellas out there

If this sounds intriguing, you and your date should check out the Permanent Exhibition Area of the Sighet Memorial. This place is loaded with history, important statements made throughout the time and must be exhibitions in Romania. What you can see here? Proof and real historian acts Romania has been through over the communist era. The entrance is free and opening hours vary - 10 am to 6 pm.

  • Shop local

Nothing compares to the feeling of helping the locals thrive, which is why we strongly believe in acting as one while you’re visiting or going on a date in Romania. Go for a walk, check out the farmers market, the local flower shops, and enjoy the authentic part of Romania.

We hope we gave you a few nice ideas on how to find and keep a date. We’d be very happy to hear your thoughts and to find out you found the perfect match on Entrigd